Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Beyonce Formation World Tour Cardiff !!

I cannot even believing I am writing this post but I have seen my absolute idol Beyonce live in Cardiff , can we just let that sink in for a second because I never thought in a million years I would see my idol live but now I have and it was incredible !!

I went to the Cardiff date on the 30th June and it was incredible it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

the concert was in the middle of summer but as you can imagine I live in Wales the weather is very off for summer so I had to dress quite cool but still look good.

My whole outfit from top to bottom:

  • bomber jacket - Primark
  • jeans - New Look
  • Shoes - Primark
As you can see I tried to keep a summer vibe with the bomber jacket with flowers into my look. I really love this outfit idea for an everyday summer outfit aswell its really good.

Now for the concert !!!! I had been so excited all fricking day but when they told us all to start queueing by the gates we were first in line.

So then we got let inside the stadium and I had to run up three flights of stairs to get to my seat but it was totally worth it !

The opening act was a DJ called DJ Magnum and he was really good actually it felt more like a party than a concert really I loved it.

Then the queen herself came on... BEYONCE !! she was absolutely incredible I have never seen anything like it.

As you can see I took so many pictures but there's a lot more trust me. this one of the best concerts I have been to and I feel so privileged to have been there.

Thank you all for reading this post I hope you all enjoyed it !

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Caspar Lee Book Signing and I MET OLI WHITE !!

I seriously feel like the luckiest person in the world right now.

On Saturday the 4th June I went to the Caspar Lee book signing in Cardiff to meet Caspar and his mum Emily and can I just say they are both the most nicest most down to earth people I have ever met thank you for coming to Cardiff !!

I got the train to Cardiff at about 8:40am because my signing was at 9:30 and it doesn't take that long to get to Cardiff on the train. When I got to WHSmith the queue was huge and I started freaking out already so I went in the line and the security was walking around as expected so when the line began to move we got our tickets scanned and they gave us wristbands then they let small groups in at a time , so when I went in I started to feel so anxious and excited I thought I was going to be sick.

The first thing the staff did was ask us what our names were and they wrote it down on a sticky note and gave us the books so when we around to the signing table they would know who's name to write instead of asking all the time. When it came to having photo's with Caspar we had to give our devices to the staff members so they could take pictures for us because we weren't aloud any selfies.

When I went to the table I had butterflies in my stomach so I started speaking to Emily we both asked eachother how we were and I asked her how she found Cardiff so far and she said it's a lovely place, then I got to Caspar..... he looked down at the book looked at me and went ' Hey Hannah Banana!' I'm not joking you I legit died in my head I was screaming and all that came out of my mouth was oh wow but I did ask him how he was and then he said shall we have a picture so we did.

When I came from the signing I was crying so much I felt like an idiot , I also knew that Oli White's book signing was on the same day so I made my way to Waterstones where Oli's book signing was held , unfortunately I could not get tickets for Oli's book singing so I thought I've got a bit of time to spare until I catch my train so I went.

I got to Waterstones at about 10:20am and the queue was huge so I went inside and purchased Oli's book 'Generation Next' and cashier said "didn't get tickets for today did you ?" and I said " No unfortunately" so I went outside then and I just sat on a bench , next thing I know I ear everyone in the queue screaming I run around the corner and see Oli White getting out of the van so I though I've got to try and at least meet him I'll regret it if I don't , So I waited until he got a bit closer I got my camera out started recording and shouted " OLI SMILE !!" and he did for me aswell.

This is the screenshot I got from the video , after all this had happened I rang my cousin and cried to him and told him everything that happened and I could not stop crying I was so happy with that day. As soon as I got home I uploaded the pictures on my social media and I could not be happier it was one of the best days of my life , if anyone is reading this and hasn't been to a signing please go to one they are so worth the money and it is amazing.

Thank you all so much for reading this blog post I had so much fun writing it and I hope that enjoyed it as much as I did !

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I cannot believe I have seen 5 Seconds Of Summer for the second time now and it was absolutely incredible.

I saw them in Cardiff on the 15th April at the Motor Point Arena where I had just previously seen Little Mix ( p.s that blog post is before this one check it out !). As always 5SOS were incredible and being closer for this tour I cried like a baby after it finished of course hahahahah

I'm going to start at the very beginning of my day right to the end. I got up about 9o'clock that day and I was absolutely buzzing for the concert only thing I wasn't happy about was the weather it had already been raining through the night and the forecast didn't look too great either so that got me down.

I left for the train station at about 2;30 as I got my ticket I waited for 5sos to post the tour poster for this city , for anyone who hasn't been to their tour for ROWYSO or SLFL the boys design specific tour posters for each city and post them on social media and sell them at the concerts. I sat on the platform waiting for my train when I got a notification from Twitter and it was the tour poster!

This was Cardiff's tour poster for SLFL , I was so freaking excited for this that I was internally screaming trust me.

So the train comes and I get into Cardiff when I got off the station I absolutely legged it to the arena because I wanted to get merchandise straight away before I did anything else, so I got my merch I got a tour shirt , a lanyard , a programme and a wristband.  I thought to myself then I've got my merch what shall I do now I'm on my own so I thought Ill either go around the back to the buses or start queuing so I decided to queue and I was right at the front of the queue but waiting for 3 hours it started to really heavy rain so I was sat on the floor with my parka coat and a bin bag to keep my dry.

Then it finally stopped raining and we had half an hour to wait for the doors to open , I also got talking to some people so here's some pictures.

So then we finally got let into the arena and oh my god I was not ready it felt like ROWYSO again, I went and found my seat and I did not realise how close I was. We were now waiting for the opening acts to come on stage first on was Jessarae and he was pretty awesome next was Don Broco and they were incredible.

Now the bit you've all been waiting for 5 Seconds Of Summer come on stage and I lost all chill of course.

It was so incredible seeing them again live even though I was on my own it didn't matter because I was seeing my idols. The vocals were incredible , the instruments we phenomenal and of course they were mucking about.

The concert finished early so when I got out of the arena I legged it around the back where the buses were and it was packed full of people the security had already put up barriers for people. We kept seeing Dave and to be honest I freaked out more because I saw Dave hahahaha. We waited for about 45 minutes until we saw some of Don Broco come out and their drummer Matt came over and have a conversation with us so I got a picture with him.

He was such a genuine guy he was really nice to us and actually wanted to talk to us which meant the world and I just want to say thank you for that it meant so much.

So I waited till 11 o'clock and then I went and got the train no one else came out to meet people so I didn't miss anyone of the boys. So that was my SLFL concert I had the best time ever even though I went on my own.

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Sunday, 20 March 2016


I have finally seen Little Mix live..... there I can finally say it , Yeah I met them when I was 16 but I have never seen them live now I have and it was the best thing ever!!

I'm going to start off from the very beginning , I got at the venue around 3o'clock on Sunday the 13th which was the opening date of the tour. The first thing I did was go around the back of the arena to see if anyone was there. Surprisingly there was one only about 20 people waiting there and we got told that Nathan Sykes was late but Jagmac was on their way.

Around 4 o'clock Debbie Perrie's mum showed up and I was in complete shock but what did I do... shout her name and wave at her like a 12 year old girl but she is the most sweetest women I have ever met she took pictures with everyone who wanted pictures and she said I was sweet and lovely and awh I just love her.
This is my picture with Debbie.

After this happened I went and got my merch. I got a programme , a lanyard , a tour shirt and wrist band. I then decided to go around the front and start queuing and the queue was absolutely insane. We got let into the arena and by this point I was freaking out so I went to the toilets and calmed down and went and found my seat and I did not realise how close I was going to be.

 Yeah this is how close I was, I felt so happy I was bursting with excitement.

Next thing that happened I was not prepared for at all. I saw a massive crowd down at the front of the stage and I was thing what's that crowd all about and then holy mother of god I saw Jake Roache from the band Rixton and he was taking pictures with people so I legged it over and he is such a nice man , Jesy you are one lucky lady to have him in your life.
This is my picture with Jake

Then the opening acts came on and Jagmac came on first and they were so good they performed 3 songs and then did some martial arts which was insane ! Then Nathan Sykes came on and he covered 'Thinking Out Loud' By Ed Sheeran and I may have cried a little but he was amazing.

Then in the interval I met someone I absolutely love and is a big inspiration to me. Adam Burrell who is Little Mix's make up artist and I absolutely adore him and I literally saw him walk past me and I walked him to him told him how much of an inspiration he was to me and he said I was so sweet and I got a picture with him , he is literally so tall he had to duck down to get a picture with me.

This is my picture with Adam.

Then what you have all been waiting for, the girls to come on stage and can I say that was one of the best concerts I have ever been to so far. All of the girls looked insanely beautiful the vocals were outstanding and the choreography was on point and the whole show was cleverly designed I loved every single bit of it.

This night was one of the best nights of my life I have never been so happy after this concert I was still buzzing the next day. 

Thank you so much guys for reading this post and please if you can send it to the the girls I would love it if they read this.

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